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Vice President Joe Biden and Jill Biden Visit With Santa Barbara Teachers

Vice President Biden and 2nd Lady Visit with Local Teachers

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - After touching down at the Santa Barbara Airport Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden spoke with a group of local teachers.

Ten lucky teachers from the Santa Barbara Unified School District got to personally meet Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden.

"When they came off the plane, you just get this emotion of 'oh this is really happening'.  So it was cool to have a conversation with her.  She was really friendly and Joe Biden was very welcoming and you almost felt like they knew you, so it was kinda cool," said Santa Barbara teacher Craig Schneider.

"I've taught for 30 years and this is the highlight of my teaching career.  It's amazing.  I'm honored and to represent all my colleagues.  It's the opportunity of a lifetime," said Santa Barbara teacher Kathy Dubock.

"It was awesome.  They came down and she introduced herself as Jill and the vice president behind her said 'I'm just her husband,'" said Santa Barbara teacher Shannon Sadecki.

Jill Biden welcomed the teachers on the tarmac.  She also thanked them for the job they do.

"What a great statement to recognize teachers and come to a town that you are not familiar with and the first thing you want to do is talk to educators.  It says a lot about the Vice President and Dr. Biden," said Dr. David Cash, superintendent of the Santa Barbara Unified School District.

"They are very kind people and she just said I know the job is tiromg and you are not thanked enough for what you do and you take homework on the weekends and she said I just want to say thank you because she has been down that road and knows how it is," said Sadecki.

After a quick meet and greet outside the plane, Jill Biden took the Santa Barbara teachers into Air Force Two.

"I was awestruck because it is like history happens here and we are being where some pretty exciting things have happened," said Schneider.

"It was not as nice as I thought it was.  It was pretty plush.  Lots of food everywhere and they had some cabins with plaques with their names on them that said Air Force 2," said Sadecki.

Not only do the teachers have an experience they will hold onto for a lifetime, they also received a few souvenirs, including a metal engraved bookmark from Jill Biden.

The Bidens will take off in Air Force 2 on Saturday evening.

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