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Ventura County may use drones for search and rescue

A five-pound drone is equipped with a camera

Ventura County Sheriff's Department may use drones

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - Today the Ventura County Sheriff's Department announced it has applied to the

Federal Aviation Administration requesting a special permit--a certificate  of authorization which would allow law enforcement to test and evaluate the

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the field.  Though the decision is perhaps months

away the department says the use of the devices could revolutionize search and

rescue efforts as well as allow detailed monitoring of hazardous incidents without

jeopardizing the health and safety of personnel.

The five-pound device is manufactured in Simi Valley by Aerovironnment.

Currently the company says it supplies similar devices to the U.S military.

It's estimated if this unmanned technology takes off it could blossom into a multi-billion dollar within about a decade providing Southern California with tens of thousands of new jobs..

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