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Vandenberg Launch Sends Satellite Into Space

United Launch Alliance Delta II Rocket Carries OCO-2 Satellite

Vandenberg Launch Sends Satellite Into Space

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE - Vandenberg Air Force Base successfully launched a Delta II rocket carrying a NASA satellite Wednesday morning.

The satellite, called OCO-2, is NASA's first dedicated Earth remote sensing satellite to study atmospheric carbon dioxide from space.

Wednesday's launch follows a delay on Tuesday where the scheduled launch was scrubbed because of a water system failure. The 2:56 a.m. launch from Vandenberg only had a 30 second window so the satellite could aline with current satellites in space called the "A-Train."

The Delta II rocket reached Mach 10, that's 10 times the speed of sound, on it's way into space.

It took an extra day, but OCO-2 has reached orbit.

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