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Vandenberg Airman Remembered Through Golf Tournament Fundraiser

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Friends, family, and community members gathered to remember a fallen Vandenberg Airman in unique way Monday in Santa Maria.

The 4th Annual SrA Daniel Johnson Memorial Golf Tournament brought out 140golfers to the Santa Maria Country Club.

The event raised a gross total of about $35,000, which will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters in Lompoc.

Johnson died while serving in Afghanistan in 2010, and was apart of Big Brother for nearly two years while he was working in Vandenberg.

The day started with an honorary tee off by Johnson's four-year-old nephew Gracin Burton, and Kirstin Johnson, Johnson's widow and tournament chair, said this event helps keep Daniel's memory alive.

 "It's all positive emotions. Little bits here and there are sad, but I mean it's a great thing to do in his name and people who didn't know him know now and wear his shirts and names everywhere. It's just a really good thing to see that," said Johnson.

Johnson said she hopes the tournament will continue to grow in the future.

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