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Vandals at UCSB target undocumented people

Vandals at UCSB target undocumented people

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Someone vandalized a building at University of California, Santa Barbara on Sunday.

Administrators are deeply disturbed because of the specific location of the eyesore and its message.

The graffiti read "Deportation = Justice; Deport Illegals NOW."

The building known on campus as El Centro serves as a gathering place for student organizations, in particular Chicano studies. 

Nobody was inside the building when NewsChannel 3 was on campus Wednesday. But, it is summer and regular classes are not in session.  During the school year, students, faculty and staff often meet inside the building.

The markings were quickly removed by campus workers.

Campus police and administrators are still actively trying to figure out who left the graffiti.  There is no information available on any suspects.

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