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Vandalism and Arson Suspect in Nipomo Released From Hospital

The 35-year-old man is not currently in SLO County Sheriff's custody, but possibly faces charges from bizarre Wednesday night.

NIPOMO, Calif. - Pam Tacy says she was shook up Wednesday night when a stranger appeared outside their kitchen window. Pam's husband confronted him from inside the home.

"He said, 'what are you doing?' And the man said, 'what does it look like?' And then he threw a boulder through our kitchen window," says Tacy.

A rock smashed their window, hit their sink, and fell on their floor. According to Pam, the man then rode off on his bike.

"It was very surreal," says Tacy.

Police say that man was 35-year-old Jacob Bernerd, who went on a rampage that night. It started at a house off La Quinta Drive in Nipomo. Neighbors say a loud explosion caused the garage to ignite. A man living at that house said today that Bernerd was living there, and Bernerd was the one who caused the explosion.

The man didn't want to go on camera, but when he was asked why Bernerd would have done this, he replied, "my friend went crazy."

According to neighbors, after the explosion Bernerd rode off on his bike and began vandalizing cars and houses in the community. Pam was one of the unlucky few who were victims.

But Bernerd didn't get away unharmed.

After some time, neighbors living nearby could hear Bernerd getting beat up pretty badly by multiple people in a dirt lot near a house. When neighbors yelled for them to stop, the people beating up Bernerd grabbed his limp body off the ground and dragged him down the road.

According to neighbors, the people beating up Bernerd were his housemates. Several neighbors heard a man yelling at Bernerd, accusing him of "blowing up his house."

Bernerd suffered a fractured skull and was transported to the hospital. San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department says the investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, Sheriff's deputies are also looking for someone who hit Bernerd over the head in the fight, causing his injuries.

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