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UCSB Sexual Assault Victim Files Title IX Civil Lawsuit Against UC Regents

UCSB Sexual Assault Victim Files Title IX Civil Lawsuit Agai

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - An alleged University of California, Santa Barbara sexual assault victim is filling a civil lawsuit against the regents of the University of California. The lawsuit alleges that UCSB failed to adequately protect victims and investigate complaints of sexual assault.

On Thursday morning the woman who filed the lawsuit spoke to NewsChannel 3 during a press conference.

Hayley Moore is still coping with what happened to her in October 2014.

"The school, I can say I don't respect any of the officials. I don't even like to think that I went to that school honestly," said Moore.

The UCSB freshman believes she was drugged at a party before being dragged into the suspect's apartment and raped. She says, she woke up the next morning on the side of a road in Isla Vista, freaked out by what had happened to her.

Moore says she reported the sexual assault to the police, and to UCSB but instead of getting help she say's the school encouraged her not to file a report.

"She was denied group therapy because they told her it was full. So they told her she could go next year, denied group therapy because it was full, because too many girls had been raped, well if it is too full-- start another group," said Moore's father, Michael Moore.

"I am against this happening to woman and having nothing be done, and the school honestly makes me sick," said Hayley Moore.

The Zalkin Law Firm is representing Moore. The civil action lawsuit is based on Gender Discrimination under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

"Title 9 requires that any institution that receives federal funding ends gender discrimination on their campus and what that means is when they receive a report of sexual assault they are obligated to address that report, and what we allege in our complaint is that U.C. Santa Barbara failed to live up to any of these standards. They never investigated Hayley's report. In fact they actively discouraged her from pursuing any kind of investigation with the school," said Alex Zalkin of the Zalkin Law Firm.

UCSB said it could not give a comment on pending litigation, but the school did release the following statement:

When a student experiences a sexual assault, the University offers independent and confidential advocacy and counseling services. If the student chooses to formally report their assault to the University, the allegations are thoroughly investigated and adjudicated in accordance with UC policy and government guidelines. We strive to ensure that our investigative processes are survivor-centered, but we understand that not every survivor opts to formally report their assault. In all cases we continue to offer support and counseling to assault survivors, as the safety and well-being of our students is our highest priority.

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