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Two teens Survive Shooting inside IV Deli and Share their Story

Teens Survive IV Shooting

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - While the Isla Vista tragedy took the lives of 6 innocent UCSB students and left 13 others wounded, there are a lot of other survivors.  Two teens caught in the line of fire inside the IV Deli are talking about what happened.

Seventeen year old Juan Mendoza and 18 year old Eric Contreras sat down and watched themselves on surveillance video from Friday night's terrifying shooting spree. The only thing on their mind was to get out safely.

Both highschool student live in the area and grew up in Isla Vista. They were simply at the deli on Pardall Road to grab a burger. They describe the frantic scene at 9:30 pm when suspect Elliot Rodger fired off his first shot inside the store. As they duck and take cover others crouch in fear as a total of 6 bullets fly throughout the deli.

The IV Deli Mart was no stranger to the alleged gunman.  In fact he was almost a daily customer.  The owners say they never knew Rodger was troubled, and that he appeared to be a shy but nice man.

Juan and Eric are still trying to process everything. They have since returned to the store to pay respects to Chris Martinez who lost his life that same night inside the deli.

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