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Two kayakers rescued off Goleta coastline

Father and son rescued after attempt to Santa Cruz Island

Two kayakers rescued off Goleta Beach

GOLETA, Calif. - An ambitious trip to Santa Cruz Island was cut short Saturday for two kayakers.

A father and son had to be rescued about 2 miles off Goleta Beach around 4:30 p.m.

The duo planned a 28-mile kayak trip to Santa Cruz Island but five hours into their trip, they got tired and turned around.

The son lost his paddle on the return and when the pair realized they wouldn't make it, they called 911 from a cellphone.

"We did learn that they did not have personal floatation devices with them, which is a major safety issue, and also they just simply weren't prepared for the currents and the wind to get across the channel," said Capt. Martin Johnson, Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

The Coast Guard flew the two men to the Santa Barbara Airport where they were checked by paramedics. They were hypothermic and dehydrated from their trip.


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