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Trendy and Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Looking for trendy cheap Halloween costumes? Here's some ideas to save while looking the part this season.

Over at Victorian Vogue and the Costume Shoppe in Santa Barbara, you can rent a costume up until three days.

"This is the trendy costume is a fox from the youtube sensation What The Fox Say," owner Sonia Hayward said.

If you happen to the the person that has a collection of costumes through out the years, there is a great opportunity for you as well.

"If you have unwanted costumes from last year or previous years you can come and turn them in for store credit," Sarah Anticoni owner of My Sweet Pineapple in Santa Barbara.

For folks that don't feel like purchasing a whole outfit, buying a festive hat will do just the trick at half the cost.

Here are a few locations to visit:

* Victorian Vogue and The Costume Shoppe: 4289 State Street, Santa Barbara

* My Sweet Pineapple: 3415 State Street, Santa Barbara

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