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Tips for Back-to-School Safety From Ventura County Sheriff's Office

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - The Ventura County Sheriff's Office has some helpful tips for motorists, students, and parents, to ease traffic congestion and increase public safety during these back-to-school days and coming weeks.


• When crossing the street, continue to scan both directions for approaching cars.
• Pay attention to all traffic signals and crossing guards.
• Use marked crosswalks and cross at controlled intersections when possible.
• Wear reflective clothing or bright colors so drivers can see you.
• Plan a safe walking route to and from the school or bus stop.
• When waiting for the school bus, stay out of the street and avoid horseplay.


• If riding a bike, ALWAYS wear a helmet. They are required on all bicycle riders under the age of 18. It's the law.
• Ride on the right side, in the same direction as traffic.
• Walk your bike when crossing the street.
• Know bicycle laws.


• Be watchful around schools and bus stops for children in the street. Do not double park.
• Pay attention to crossing guards.
• Watch your speed in school and residential zones (25 mph). Leave early and give yourselves ample time to arrive at your destination.
• Reduce any distractions inside your car so you can concentrate on the road.
• Do not text or use your cell phone while driving.
• Enter and exit driveways slowly and carefully, be observant in all directions.
• Impeding the flow of traffic to wait to enter a school parking lot could result in a citation.
• Do not allow your child to exit the vehicle into traffic lanes; safely drop them off at curbside.

Authorities believe by adhering to these tips, the number of collisions in and around school school will be reduced.

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