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Through Tragedy The Community of Goleta Comes Together

Holzer Compassion

GOLETA, Calif. - Police continue to investigate a homicide in Goleta, following the tragedy, a group of volunteers came together Saturday to show compassion and support to people living in and around the neighborhood of the Holzer family home.

Door to door compassion was a  of volunteers offering free counseling.

They mapped out a game plan, and started knocking on doors.

Barb Kloos with the Santa Barbara Response Network said, "This started after the Isla Vista incident. We're reaching out to the community to provide support.

A growing memorial sits in front of the Holzer family house where 45-year-old Nicholas Holzer is accused of fatally stabbing his parents and two son.  Friends of the boys ages  10 and 13  are mourning the loss.

On Saturday many young children showed up throughout the day to leave notes and flowers outside the home.

The volunteers knocking on doors are part of a group of agencies working together to reach out to members of the community.

Anat Goldflam, a volunteer, said "It matters in a time like this because in  a  tragedy the community really can come together."

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