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Thousands Flock to Isla Vista's 'Deltopia'

Thousands Flock To Isla Vista's Deltopia

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Editor's note:  this story was filed before the Saturday night disturbance. 

The party known as 'Deltopia' was in full swing in Isla Vista Saturday. 

An estimated 15,000 people converged on Del Playa Drive for the annual unsanctioned street party.

A command post was set up on Trigo Road, just blocks away from the festivities. About 100 law enforcement officers from up and down the coast were on hand to help control the massive crowd.

Law enforcement officers patrolled the streets and shut down a lot of the noise. Officers enforced Santa Barbara County's festival ordinance, which requires a permit for loud music that gathers a crowd.  Surveillance cameras were also posted along the street. They were installed just a few weeks ago.

Dozens of people were arrested, or issued a citation for a variety of offenses at 'Deltopia'.  From Friday night to Saturday at 4 p.m., law enforcement says 56 people were arrested, and 95 citations were issued. At least 14 people were taken to the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

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