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The Port of Hueneme Plugs-in New Grid Based Shore Power System for Ships

The Port of Hueneme Plugs-in New Grid Based Shore Power Syst

PORT OF HUENEME, Calif. - A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at The Port of Hueneme on Thursday to launch the ports new grid-based shore power system.

Instead of using diesel fuel The Port of Hueneme is now plugging in its refrigerated cargo ships to a grid-based shore power system.

"To keep the perishable commodities on the decks cold they had to run these engines to keep the refrigeration on. So instead of running diesel engines that are polluting, they actually will be tying into what looks like an outlet in your wall but only bigger," said Port of Hueneme CEO Kristin Decas.

The change comes after the passage of AB 32 by the state Assembly, which required refrigerated cargo vessels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"This is cutting edge, it's new technology, a first for California. We are now launching our new technology, it is coming online for the first time and the benefit for our community is we will see significant emissions reductions," said Decas.

The Port of Hueneme says the project will reduce more air emissions than any other project in the history of Ventura County.

In the next 30 years, it will reduce greenhouse gases by 55-percent,  NOx by 98-percent, and particulate matter by 92-percent.

It will also reduce diesel fuel use by about 68,000 gallons a year.

In total the project will cost close to 14-million dollars.

The Port of Hueneme is a very active port.  Every year it moves $8 billion in goods.  A spokesperson for The Port of Hueneme says port operations support the community by bringing $1.1 billion in economic activity and creating 10,226 trade-related jobs.  Trade through.

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