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Thank You Videos For Veterans Through Troop Tree

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - There's a new app to show our solders some love just in time for the holidays.

It's a free service that allows the public to send video messages of appreciation to our women and men serving our country.

The sits is known as Troop Tree.

It also allows members of the military and their families to communicate through private video message. Even celebrities such as Halle Berry and Nick Cannon are getting involved. The company has over 50-thousand users with more than 20-thousand videos recorded.

"It's uniquely suited to navigate the challenges of communications of deployment overseas. There's no need for simultaneous connection so you can record when ever you want and you can replay and watch videos when you want. You can also save these videos forever," said Brody Ehrlich, co-founder of Trrop Tree.

The company screens the videos before they are sent to make sure they are appropriate.

To get started visit:


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