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Teen Star Santa Barbara Sings Her Way Through Hard Times

Teen Star Santa Barbara Sings Her Way Through Hard Times

GOLETA, Calif. - A Goleta girl is overcoming big obstacles to live out her dreams and her journey is inspiring.

12-year-old Mary-Grace Langhorne recently won Santa Barbara's Teen Star singing competition, beating out several older competitors. The audience at the Granada Theatre erupted into cheers after Langhorne's final song, 'I'm Feelin' Good, by Nina Simone. Teen Star Founder Joe Lambert said, "Everybody was enraptured. They were pulled in and its because of how she sang it. They just weren't words to her they really mean something and that, that is the making of a star."

Langhorne didn't have an easy road to the finale of Teen Star. In November of 2012, she got sick and had an adverse reaction to medication. She was paralyzed and bedridden. Doctors said her case was too complex for them. Her father, Edward Langhorne said, "They did some testing on her and then they said you are going to have to take your daughter out of here. There is nothing we can do for her."

Her parents chose to treat her at home with the help of some different doctors. The pain was severe, but she sang her way through it. Langhorne said, "I started to sing and that's when my heart started opening up and that was really a gateway to help me get to where I am now."  Langhorne continues to make steady progress and is expected to regain the ability to walk.

Langhorne also has some advice for others facing adversity. "If you are going through anything tough that you think you cannot get through.  I just want you to know that you can. Its not a matter of it's so hard that it hurts. The pain will be over. Everybody can walk you to the door, but you are the one that has to go through it."

While she continues her recovery, Langhorne will be busy performing.  As Santa Barbara's Teen Star, she will sing at major events, record music at a local studio, and perform with the band 'Foreigner' at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

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