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Tax Delay Due To Government Shutdown

Tax Delay

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - If you're the type of person who likes to file their taxes as soon as possible, now you'll have to wait until Jan. 31 to do so. The IRS announced on Wednesday that the tax season will be pushed back; the April 15 deadline will remain the same.

People will not be able to start processing their 2013 tax returns until Jan. 31, 10 days later than originally scheduled.

This delay is partially because of the government shutdown, which set the IRS back. People can have their tax returns prepared at anytime, but it won't be E-filed until the Jan. 31.  That means residents expecting a refund will have to wait longer for that check.

"In the past it had only been about two weeks from the time you filed until it was in your account. Last year it took about three weeks and now they aren't making any promises when you will get a refund. I think it will be about four weeks," said Jennifer MacMilan, Santa Barbara enrolled agent.

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