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Tall Ships Come to Ventura Harbor, Next Stop Morro Bay

Tall Ships Come to Ventura Harbor

VENTURA, Calif. - Two tall ships arrived in the Ventura Harbor this week. 

The Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain will be in the Ventura Harbor through Feb. 3.  Visitors can take self-guided tours, and public excursions on the ships.  The ships are also used for educational programs for K-12 students.

On Friday, a fifth-grade class from Ballard Elementary School in the Santa Ynez Valley toured the ship.  The students are currently studying European exploration so the tall ships were a great opportunity for them to learn more about life at sea.

"I'm just really excited to be out on the water," said fifth-grade Ballard student, Jordan.

"We're going to sail a ship just like they were sailing to the New World," said fifth-grade Ballard student, Anabell.

"I'm really excited to learn about how the explorers had to be on the ship and so we get to try it, and it's going to be really fun," said fifth-grade Ballard student, Jessica.

This elementary school class is just one of dozens that are coming to the Ventura Harbor this week and next to check out the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftan.

"We sail up and down the West Coast pretty much year-round doing an educational program with fourth, fifth, and sixth-graders primarily but we work with anyone up from kindergarten to college students doing a history based program," said Lady Washington Capt. James McClurg.

The Lady Washington has also made several television and silver screen appearances, including recent episodes on ABC's "Once Upon a Time" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl."

The next stop for The Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain is Morro Bay.

For more information on how you can check out these two tall ships follow this link.

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