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Suspect identified in fatal hit-and-run

A man and his dog were struck and killed while walking on Blosser Road Tuesday night.

Fatal Hit & Run Crash

SANTA MARIA, Calif - We now know the name of the driver arrested Tuesday night after a fatal hit and run in Santa Maria.

The crash took place off Blosser Road, just north of Rancho Verde Tuesday before 7 p.m. Authorities say a man walking his dog was struck by a car traveling at a high speed. The victim and his dog died on scene.

After striking the victim, the car collided into a fence and was completely mangled.  Police say the driver identified as Alvino Corona, and his passenger got out of the car and fled the scene.  Police say Corona returned to the scene more than an hour after the accident.  Corona was arrested and booked for felony hit-and-run.

Residents in the area were shaken up. They tell NewsChannel 3 that it's not the first time they've seen major accidents on Blosser Road, as it's a common ground for fast drivers. One resident is hoping for more patrols and signage on the road to slow down drivers.

Police are investigating the fatality.  The victim's identity is not being released at this time.  If you have any information, contact the Santa Maria Police Department.

NewsChannel 3 reporter Shirin Rajaee was on scene with a full report.

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