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Surveillance Cameras Fuel Long-running Dispute Between Neighbors in Atascadero

ATASCADERO, Calif. - A dispute between two neighbors in Atascadero is turning ugly, and it's now prompted both home owners to set up security cameras around their property. One side feels their privacy is being violated, but the other disagrees.

Bill Wright is none too pleased with the security cameras on his
neighbors property, just past the fence separating the two.

"All three of them were pointing directly at my bedroom window," said Wright. "I was absolutely horrified that people would put cameras right in my
bedroom window. Makes me feel like I can't go out in my backyard anymore."

Wright has since shielded his backyard with screen-fencing and

The cameras are the latest chapter in a long history of disputes
between the two neighbors, which include numerous calls to police and an
ongoing legal battle.

Wright has cameras set up on his property as well, he says at the advice of
Atascadero Police.

Richard Adams is the landlord of the home next door. The family
living in the home was unavailable to speak with us on camera. He too says police advised him to put those cameras up to document exchanges between the neighbors.

Adams denies the cameras on his property are pointed into the
Wright's backyard and even showed me the view from the monitoring

"I made sure when the technician put the system in that it pointed
down the fence line," said Adams.

The legal battle between the two neighbors continues, but Adams says things have changed since he put the cameras up 3 weeks ago.

"Nobody has caused any problems since these cameras went up," said Adams. "This has gone beyond. Somebody's going to get hurt if they continue."

The Wright's have been involved in similar disputes before. Prior to coming to Atascadero, they were involved in a legal battle with a neighbor in Paso Robles where they alleged many similar complaints. The Wright's tell me they had video evidence to back up those prior complaints.

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