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Supervisors consider limiting special events on private property

Supervisors consider limiting special events

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors is considering limiting parties and other events on private property when the owner makes money from the event.

Supervisors say they've received a number of complaints about noise and traffic near large parties on private estates, in particular.

Proposed changes include limiting the number of people allowed at an event and limiting the number of events per year.

Hospitality and entertainment workers are banding together to fight the proposed changes.  They say many events would not happen if the rules change and that would hurt their livelihood.

Lee Rosenberg with the Central Coast Coalition said, "There will be people who will have incomes cut in half or businesses that might go out of business because they are small start-ups."

The board will take up the issue April 2 and the public will be able to comment.

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