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Super Bowl Sunday and Wet Conditions Create Hazard on Roads

Super Bowl Sunday and Wet Conditions Create Hazard on Roads

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Wet roads and the typical Super Bowl festivities. It's not a combination that sits well with local police.

"History has shown us that Super Bowl Sunday is usually one of the days when we find the public consuming a lot more alcohol," says Santa Maria Police Sgt. Daniel Rios

Sgt. Rios says Santa Maria Police has more officers patrolling the streets today, some of them specifically on the lookout for drivers who have been drinking. According to a AAA study, DUI related crashes are 75% more likely to happen on Super Bowl Sunday than any other Sunday in January and February.
But the heavy rain earlier today has been getting most of their attention, more specifically, the car that lost control and hit a woman and her child, before slamming into a building. The crash shut down part of North Broadway for several hours. Sgt. Rios says the downpour likely played a factor in the crash.

"When you see a speed limit posted as 40 miles per hour, that may be safe on a normal condition. However, when it's raining and the traffic is very high and congested, the safe speed may become 20, may become 15 depending on visibility, traffic, and other hazards."

With roads seeing significant rainfall for the first time in months, Rios is prepared for the worst.

"This is the first real good rain we've had in a long time, so the roads are really slick. We want people to drive safe, slow down."

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