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Sunstone Winery Creates Two Film Festival Wines

Winery Owner Honored To Have Local Grapes Featured At Film Festival

Sunstone Winery creates film festival wines

SANTA YNEZ, Calif. - A local winery is getting top honors at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival even before the event begins.

Sunstone Winery is tucked away in the Santa Ynez Valley, overlooking the Los Padres National Forest.

"We started it from the ground up and the vines were planted in 1990," said Bion Rice, the owner of Sunstone. 

It's known for its bold reds and buttery chardonnays and now Sunstone is getting some serious recognition.

"To have an international film festival feature my family's winery, is just huge for us and we are really excited about it," said Rice.

This is the first year festival executive director Roger Durling asked for a wine to be made specifically for the festival.

Now both a chardonnay and a Bordeaux blend will be featured at star-studded events.

The wine is bottled and the black and white labels are hot off the presses.

"To tie in with cinema and the festival, we chose this amazing image of one of the first cameras produced by the Lumiere Brothers," said Rice.

It's not just the wine taking center stage, the vines are front and center on this year's film festival poster.

The bottles are expected to go fast, especially since only one barrel of the red and one barrel of the white was made for the festival, which is around 24 cases of each.

"It's an honor to be able to bring out grapes that we farm ourselves, put it in a bottle and bring it to an international crowd," said Rice.

If you'd like to try Sunstone's special red and white wines, you can only get it at the film festival starting Thursday.

"It's pretty exciting to think that a small family winery would have its wine in the presence of these great stars of course, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scorsese, Robert Redford, these are some pretty big names and we are excited to have our wines in their presence," he said.

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