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Storm Water Infiltration Project Saves Thousands of Gallons of Water

Four Santa Barbara locations have the new pavers that let water go back into the ground

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A new storm water system can now be used to help save water.

The systems were completed in December in Oak Park, Stevens Park, McKenzie Park, and the Westside Neighborhood Center.

The system features a cutting edge permeable pavement.  It allows rain water and runoff to go into the ground, instead of washing into storm drains, creeks, and the ocean.  The design stores and treats water that comes from just an inch of rain.

Funding for these projects was provided by a grant agreement from the State water Resources Control Board from the city of Santa Barbara.

To test the project, a city water truck opened its valves and soaked the pavers.  In a few moments it was all gone, down into the ground, as the project was designed to do.

Slideshow: Storm Water Infiltration Project

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