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Steve Sax Inspires Santa Maria High School Students

Former MLB All-Star inspires and motivates students to achieve their dreams


SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Standing on a stage, instead of in a batter's box, Steve Sax is still making an impact. More than 20 years removed from his playing days, Sax continues to perform in front of a big crowd. On Friday, the 5-time MLB All-Star spoke to hundreds of students inside Ethel Pope Auditorium at Santa Maria High School.

"We're here to spread the word about personal responsibility and self-reliance," said Sax. "This is about making choices, and understanding the choices you make now are going affect what you do in your 20's and 30's and the rest of your life."

The Sacramento-area native spent 14 years in Major League Baseball, most notably with the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he played 8 years and won two World Series titles and the 1982 National League Rookie of the Year. He also played with the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox and Oakland Athletics.

"The fact that I was a baseball player opens some doors to spread the word out," said Sax. "That's why I'm thankful that I was baseball player, and did what I did, because now I can give back and spread the word on some things I feel very dearly about."

Sax now uses much of his time to inspire and motivate young adults nationwide through his Steve Sax Foundation. Created last year, the non-profit foundation is an online mentoring program that provides life coaching.

"Kids go to the program for six months, once a week. It's about 20 to 30 minutes," said Sax. "I mentor one kid and that mentoring session is broadcast to all the other participants that are signed up, so they view the mentoring program with that particular person and they gain a perspective from watching what they're going through."

After hearing Sax speak about his mentoring program, students at Santa Maria High School were intrigued by the unique platform.

"You hear what people say, what they're going through and you never think, wow, they go through that too, so you can relate to the stories and it inspires you that there's people out there who struggle in the same way you do," said senior Kimberly Santos Gomez.

During his mentoring, Sax encourages students to set goals and to work hard to achieve them. He emphasized the only way to get better at something is to practice regularly.

"That really got to me because I love to dance and I want to become a professional dancer and I could relate to what he was talking about," said Gomez Santos.

One of the main components of the Steve Sax Foundation is to provide college scholarships to students so they can fulfill their dreams, like Sax was able to do during his baseball career.

"They go through the program, they write an essay why they want to go to college and they do 20 hours of community service and they're in there for a chance to win a scholarship," said Sax.

The foundation will begin to offer scholarships next year. Those who receive them will be given a chance to fulfill their dreams.

"It's inspiring to many people who are trying to reach their goals, and giving them the opportunity that they can be something that they want to," said senior Remegic Necar.

For more information on the Steve Sax Foundation, visit www.stevesaxfoundation.org

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