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Stand Down Offers Veterans A Place To Be At Ease

Homeless Vets offered services at 24th annual event in Ventura

Stand Down helps Homeless Veterans at Ventura Armory

VENTURA, Calif. - The 24th annual Stand Down at the Army National Guard Armory offered homeless veterans a place to be at ease over the weekend.

Volunteers, including former homeless vets, helped make it happen.

They starting busing veterans in from several counties on Friday.  Once at the event they offered veterans food, clothing, shelter, comraderie and medical care.

Toney Matthews said he received dental care and other services he couldn't get elsewhere.

Joseph Dolan, a Navy veteran, said the Stand Down means freedom. He said a former Stand Down helped him find a place to live. Dolan said it was started by Bob Hope's daughter Claire.

Claire Hope didn't say she was related to the late star known for performing for veterans, but she did say she created the Stand Down in Ventura to treat veterans like the heroes they are.

The veterans also enjoyed music performed by members of the Channel Islands Air National Guard.

The Stand Down wraps up on Sunday.

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