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Slow But Steady Progress Being Made to Fix Deteriorating Streets in Grover Beach

GROVER BEACH, Calif. - People who live in Grover Beach are tired of the city's badly deteriorating roads dotted with potholes. City leaders are now considering ways to solve the problem.

Steve, a Grover Beach resident who declined to give his last name, said, "Driving through Grover Beach, it's dodging potholes the size of a basketball if not worse all over town. You call the city to come out and patch that pothole, and they don't do it."

Steve is no stranger to the damage the crumbling, pothole-filled residential streets in Grover Beach can do to your car. He's spent hundreds fixing damage giant potholes have done to his truck's alignment and tires.

"I've even witnessed some near misses, people hitting those potholes and losing control of their vehicle," said Steve.

The bumpy roads in Grover Beach aren't going away anytime soon. The city is in the middle of finding solutions to the problem, but it says it's still years away from any work being done.

I spoke with the city's public works director off-camera and he said securing grants and funding specifically for residential street repair is close to impossible. The city has said it doesn't have the money to fix this problem. To secure funding, it will likely have to come in the form of a voter-approved bond measure. The city is in the process of getting the appropriate data gathered to make that happen.

For now, neighbors will have to continue dodging  potholes.

"It's not right for the residents of Grover Beach," said Steve. "They shouldn't have to go through all this, worrying about their tires, their front ends, worrying about if they're going to get into a wreck because they hit a pothole and lose control."

City council will decide on Monday whether to move forward with a pavement management contractor. If hired, the firm would survey every street in the city and give an updated status report on the condition of each street.

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