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Shark Again Spotted at Carpinteria Beach

CARPINTERIA, Calif. -  Warning signs are again being posted along Carpinteria Beach after city lifeguards spotted a shark in the water.

The shark was esimated to be 6 to 8 feet long, swimming in 8 feet of water near Ash Avenue, about 150 feet from shore.  According to a statement from the City, several people saw the shark, which swam directly underneath a paddle board.   Witnesses said it looked like a great white shark.  The shark did not appear to be aggressive or threatening.  It was last seen swimming in a westerly direction toward Santa Claus Beach.

Two weeks ago, a shark sighting in the same area prompted the cancellation of a Junior Lifeguard competition.

All lifeguards will be notified and signs will be posted for the next two days to alert swimmers and beach-goers of the sighting.

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