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Seven Hikers Rescued From Trails In Three Days

Woman Injured Foot Near Inspiration Point, Taken To Hospital

Seven Hikers Rescued From Trails In Three Days

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Seven hikers were rescued in the past three days from mountain trails in Santa Barbara.

A woman hiking near Inspiration Point on Monday morning injured her foot and was unable to make it back down the trail herself.

Santa Barbara County firefighters brought her down a back road and an ambulance took her to the hospital for possible broken bones. Los Padres National Forest firefighters were also on standby in case more help was needed.

"Thanks again guys, I appreciate it," said the woman as she was put in the ambulance.

On Saturday, six hikers were also rescued near Mission Canyon when they were unable to hike back down the trail because it was too dark. They only had the light from their cellphones.

Julie and John Haunstein know what it's like to need rescuing. Two years ago they got lost mountain biking in the Los Padres National Forest.

"We thought we were going for a short ride, so we just had a little bit of water and one snack and what was it, eight hours later?" said Julie Hauenstein.

Search and Rescue found their group and helped a severely dehydrated friend.

"You just think you're going on a hike or a ride and soon it turns into you having 13,14 people coming out to help you," said John Hauenstein.

Now the pair packs lots of water and snacks, and encourages others to do the same.

Most of the hikers on Tunnel Road on Presidents Day were hitting the trail prepared.

But county officials want people to know there is more to safety besides food and water.

"Our trails in the Santa Barbara front country are really busy and of course along with hiking with a friend, making sure people know when you are leaving, what time you expect to be back, what trails to go on," said Capt. Dustin McKibben with the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

McKibben also said hiking is the time to bring technology into nature and make sure cellphones are charged before heading up a trail.

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