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Santa Paula Reserve Police Officer Resigns After Posting Video About Bicyclists

Reserve Police Officer Resigns After Posting Video

SANTA PAULA, Calif. - A reserve officer with the Santa Paula Police Department has resigned after she posted a YouTube video apparently joking about running over bicyclists.

Police Chief Steve McLean accepted Laura Weintraub's resignation letter on Sunday.

The video is part of  Weintraub's web series called 'Cup Holder Commentary".

In the video, Weintraub proclaims her hatred for bicyclists, and asks her friend who is driving how much she would have to pay him to "run one of these over."

She has apologized, but has reportedly received several death threats.

NewsChannel 3 spoke to Santa Paula Police Chief Steve McLean about the video. He said, "She made this video on her own. Her views don't reflect the views of this police department. This is an embarrassment."

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