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Santa Maria officials look to restore a local landmark

The Enos farmhouse is the last remnant of a Santa Maria pioneer family's legacy

Restoring the Enos Farmhouse

SANTA MARIA, Calif, - When cars exit Highway 101 at Betteravia Road in Santa Maria, an old farmhouse sits at the interchange.

Sitting alone on several acres of Santa Maria farmland, the house may bring to mind the old farmhouse in Kansas from the film "The Wizard of Oz."

Once a local landmark, the once-grand old house now sits as a reminder of old Santa Maria.

The Enos farmhouse is the last remnant of a Santa Maria pioneer family's legacy. It's also one of the last reminders of a once-booming agricultural business. Many years ago, Portuguese immigrants Joseph and Mary Barcellos Enos built an agriculture business in the area, with the farmhouse as its centerpiece.

Now, Santa Maria city officials want to purchase the house and make it the centerpiece to showcase agriculture in Santa Maria.

"Right now we're in discussion and negotiation with the family about using the home for a historic site," said Alex Posada, director of Santa Maria Recreation and Parks.

One local resident thinks it's a great idea.

"I think it's a fantastic idea," said Maurice Lafuente, general sales manager of Santa Maria Ford. "It's a piece of history that we've always had here and a lot of people don't know about it," Lafuente said.

Hopefully, the city will restore it and bring the once-stately house back to its old charm.


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