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Santa Maria store has liquor license revoked for too many citations

Santa Maria store has liquor license...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Santa Maria police officers revoked a liquor store's liquor license Tuesday for too many citations. 

The police department and Alcohol Beverage Control have been working together for the past several years, doing "Shoulder tap operations," which are funded by grants.  

Friday afternoon, Battle's Mini Mart, officially had their liquor license removed. A revocation sign is now hanging on the front window of the business.  

"I was actually going to come in here and buy a beer," Santa Maria resident Christina Ortiz said. 

There's no beer here for Christina Ortiz - who had to settle for a bag of chips.

"Pretty convenient little liquor store, in and out," Ortiz said. 

This liquor store, Battles Mini Mart off of Battles Road and McClelland Street, suffered quite an

inconvenience recently, when police say one of their clerks sold alcohol to a minor one too many times.

"Kind of just shocking, little surprising to me since I live just down the street and come in here all the time," Ortiz said. 

Ortiz says she's been asked to buy alcohol for minors before.

"You know I have a child who's underage so I know I'm not buying liquor for any kids, personal experience, you just never know who's asking and who they are," Ortiz said. 

Police say the liquor store has been guilty of selling alcohol to one of their minor "decoys" three times since 2014. 

"Any business here in Santa Maria, we want it to be successful but we want it to be successful within the law...and unfortunately this has to happen every once in a while and if they are breaking the law, we're here to bust them," Santa Maria Police Sgt. Eligio Lara said. 

The clerk who sells the alcohol to the minor faces a $250 fine and community service. 

The police department says when alcohol gets in the hands of minors, there is a chance for violence, drunk driving, truancy at school and other alcohol related problems.

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