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Santa Maria Homeless Shelter Sees Increase

Santa Maria Homeless Shelter Sees Increase

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Santa Maria's Good Samaritan Shelter is seeing an influx of homeless families this year.

Good Samaritan is holding its annual summer camp with 40 children this summer compare to around 20 last summer.

The day camp gives many families staying at the Good Samaritan Shelter peace of mind.

Officials at the shelter  says many of the children  wouldn't have anything to do  in the summer and some wouldn't have anywhere to go.

 It  would cost hundreds for families of  the children at the day camp to go to camp.

 Good Samaritan is giving 40 students an all summer long opportunity to doing something fun this summer.

 Alexis Nshamamba with the Good Samaritan Staff  said   " A lot of things they wouldn't be able to do, last week they did swimming lessons at the YMCA next week we're going to Fort Hope in Arroyo Grande for a week long day camp."

Nshamamba said the camp allows the children's parents  to still work.

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