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Santa Barbara Sports Drive

Boys and Girls Club gives away gently used sports equipment and clothing

Boys and Girls Club gives away gently used sports equipment

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Gently used soccer balls, baseballs, footballs, bats and basketballs were just some of the items available to kids interested in gearing up to play spring and summer sports. Also, some 30 repaired and up to speed mountain bikes were available to kids in a raffle.

The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition was on hand as a donor to educate kids and their families about proper care and handling of the bike as well as safety. PODS container service says it provided the three containers for locals to drop off the donations and says all the donations that didn't find homes today will be saved for next year's event.

Event creator Matt Wagonhurst, now a senior, is credited with putting the steam in the engine that got this event going. His mom says he found a pair of shoes in his closet a couple years ago and thought it would be great if somebody somewhere could get some use out of something he had outgrown. It seems the Sports Drive is the answer. And fortunately local kids are receiving the benefit of local donations.

Organizers say it's a triple win situation...and so much so that other Boys and Girls Clubs in the region are implementing their very own Sports Drive Giveaways. NewsChannel 3 is told chapters in Los Angeles are set to get their Sports Drive underway.


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