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San Luis Obispo County Search and Rescue Train on the Coast

San Luis Obispo County Search and Rescue Training

LOS OSOS, Calif. - San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department held their annual Operations Readiness Drill, which prepares search and rescue teams for a disaster.

Every year, volunteers create mock drills that puts them in real situations so that they can practice.

Horses, dogs, and helicopters graced the Montana De Oro State Park to participate in the drills.

Members of the Sheriff's search and rescue unit, Sheriffs Posse and Aero Squadron were also included.

Teams spent over an hour searching for victims that were scattered along the hill sides of the beach.

Once victims were found, they were checked for medical conditions and treated for any injuries.

In previous years officials say that communication has been a problem, but this year it has improved.

Volunteers say that the best part of participating is giving back to the public.

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