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Samples of a Dead Beehive Sent to USDA

Dead Beehive pkg

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A giant beehive was found dead in a backyard Santa Barbara house in February. The beehive had been there for over 11 years, but a few months ago residents found hundreds of the bees dead near the hive. 

"According to our Santa Barbara beekeeper member, she had seen quite a few bees had been struggling and twitching. She had a pretty good feeling that it was due to some sort of pesticide exposure," said Todd Bebee, president of Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association.

Samples of the beehive were taken on Thursday and shipped to Penn State. Maryann Frazier,country's leading entomologist, will research the case and will have results within three to four weeks.

For now the beehive will stay at the Santa Barbara Museum; video of the once existing beehive can be seen inside the "Bee Cell". 

For a look inside the "Bee Cell", click on the link below:


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