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Rincon Classic: Surf Event Brings Community Together

Since 1979, Surf Contest Has Showcased Local Talent

Rincon Classic Day 1

Rincon Point is one of the most famous surf breaks in the world. People from all over the world know the right-breaking wave located off the 101 Freeway at border of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Since 1979, the Rincon Classic surf competition has brought together some of the most talented names in local surfing.

Rincon Point is one of the most iconic surf breaks in the world, famously known as "The Queen of the Coast." In its 31st year,  the Rincon Classic has showcased generations of the areas best surfers. But the local only event also serves another purpose. Tim Ramaker, a lifelong Santa Barbara resident and a four-time competitor in the contest, said  "It brings together the local surfing community. It's a time to reconnect with all your old friends."

Rincon Classic Contest Director Chris Keet took over the management of the Rincon Classic in 2001. Under his direction, the event has grown from it's grassroots into a major spectacle, similar to an big Hawaiian event. "We've always wanted to keep it local, but we wanted to grow it too, but it's all because of the local families that it's continued to get bigger through the years."

The swell at Rincon develops off the point, at what's called the Inidicator. As the wave takes shape, surfers can actually take off in Santa Barbara County and finish their rides in Ventura.

Kurt Page, Head Judge of the Classic, said "judging Rincon is almost as much fun as riding it."

With over 200 competitors spanning all ages, the two day contest wraps up on Sunday, and with the swell expected to build throughout the weekend, Santa Barbara's most famous surf break should be peaking at the perfect time for the championship rounds.

"The waves are epic and it's only going to get better. They call her the "Queen of the Coast for a reason, not Cinderella, for a reason."

Slideshow: Rincon Classic Days 1 & 2

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