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Residents Worried Over Union Valley Parkway Intersection

ORCUTT, Calif. - A small intersection along the new stretch of Union Valley Parkway in Orcutt is causing big headaches in a nearby neighborhood.

Mike and Peggy Alexander live in a small residential community in Orcutt. With the opening of the new stretch of road, it provided a quicker and more convenient route to highways 101 and 135. Quicker, but more dangerous.

"Of all the intersections in town, this is the hardest to get across," says Mike. "It's dangerous."

According to Peggy, cars going above the speed limit, and a small intersection is a recipe for a daily headache.

"We were going to Pepper Garcia's to meet some friends and I was scared for him to pull out," says Peggy. "People were hauling."

Santa Barbara County Public Works says it continues to monitor safety on the new road. Only 1 accident has been reported at the intersection, and there are no plans to put any stop signs or traffic lights there in the near future.

Mike and Peggy hope it doesn't take a tragic accident for safety measures to be put in place.

"I'm worried that someone is going to get killed to make a change. That's not what we need," says Peggy.

Since the new extension of Union Valley Parkway opened in November, no fatal accidents have been reported on that road.


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