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Primo Boxing Closing For Good

Primo Boxing Club

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Primo Boxing Club in Santa Barbara is closing its doors for good.

For 18 years Primo Boxing had been more than just a gym. It was place that many kids called home.

The nonprofit organization was two years behind on its rent after one of their major funders went out of business.

"The decision was pretty tough, but we came to the realization that it needed to be done," said co-founder Joe Pommier.

For years Joe and his wife Jean provided free boxing lessions to local kids who could not afford it. Low-income children not only learned how to throw a hook, but they also found a sense of family while at the gym.

"I told the kids that I will continue to workout with them. I want these kids to continue with their boxing. They love it," said Pommier.

Pommier is now training and teaching classes at Paragon Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing. The classes won't be free anymore, but Joe is trying to find a way to provide scholarships to those who can't afford a membership.

"Primo is in our hearts and it will never die," expressed Pommier.

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