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Port Hueneme Beach Losing Inches of Sand Every Month

Port Hueneme Beach Losing Inches of Sand Every Month

PORT HUENEME, Calif. - The beach in Port Hueneme is literally washing away.  A new report shows the beach lost another 14 feet of sand in just the past month.

The disappearing beach is catching the eye of locals. "It's the worst I have seen it. I have never seen it this bad before," said Port Hueneme resident Celia Robles

Every month the Port Hueneme beach loses a few more feet of sand, and over the years the beach has lost a stretch of beach about a mile long.

"At least 100 yards of beach out here was sand. You could walk out way out to the water, all the way past the pier and it's all gone now," said former Port Hueneme Naval Base engineer Doug Brucher.

The Hueneme Beach erosion problem is nothing new.  It all started back with the construction of the deep-water Port of Hueneme in1939- 1940.

 "The Navy took over the harbor in World War II.  They brought the jetty that goes with it, and the jetty itself interrupts the flow of sand that would normally come onto the beach," said Port Hueneme Mayor Jon Sharkey.  Sharkey said the city relies on federal funding every year to build the beach back up, "Collecting enough sand so we could move it every two years onto the beach and keep the beach intact.  The federal government is supposed to do that by law they are supposed to do that."

The reason the problem is so bad this year is the city only got enough money from the federal government for about a sixth of the sand it needs.  So as a temporary fix, the city moved large boulders in to help prevent erosion and help protect the neighboring homes and the road.

There is help on the way.  Just last week U.S. Rep. Julia Brownley announced nearly $12 million in funding to help replenish the sand at the beach.

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