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Port-A-Potties at Hearst Castle

Port-A-Potties At Hearst Castle

SAN SIMEON, Calif. -

Mark Cordova and his family traveled from Antioch, California, today to see Hearst Castle.

"We came up here to get away from the roughness," said Cordova.

The family's first time experience at the state park was shocking for them after seeing portable toilets lined up in front of the building for people to use.

Cordova understands why this is happening and points out that "it's nice and clean, easy access, and you don't have to go looking around for toilets." 

James Greenan, public safety superintendent for California State Parks, said "there's no way to truck in water here to our reservoir, so this is the easiest way that we can keep our parks open and running to the public."

Last year, Hearst Castle used 6,000 gallons of water during the month of July. Greenan hopes that number will go down to 2,000 with the use of the toilets.

Portable sinks are located next to the outdoor bathrooms, which are pumped on a regular basis and maintained by cleaning crews. 

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