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Politics Taking Over Facebook Feeds

Politics Taking Over Facebook Feeds

Santa Barbara, Ca - With such a divided election, many people are taking to Facebook with their political views.

The problem is not everyone feels the same and it's creating a riff between family, friends, and co-workers. While some people agree to disagree, others take it a step further and hit the "Un-friend" button.

"I have un-followed them," said Tim Dormberg,visitor from Redondo Beach. "If they get too carried away on their daily opinion calling everyone else an idiot I'll just un-follow them. I mean everyone is untitled to their own opinion, but people get carried away."

If you are among the many who can't handle all the political posts from a certain person, you can un-follow instead of un-friend that person. This will block their daily posts from your feeds, and the best part is that they will never know.

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