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Philip Seymour Hoffman Remembered

Philip Seymour Hoffman Remembered

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is being remembered after his sudden death from an apparent drug overdose. He was 46 years old.

Hoffman's body was found in his New York apartment on Sunday.  He entered rehab last May for an admitted drug problem. He had relapsed after staying clean for 23 years.

The news of his death was announced to an audience at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival moments before a screening.  Film Festival Executive Director Roger Durling said, "He is definitely one of the greatest actors we've ever had."

Throughout his career, Hoffman was celebrated for his performances as quirky and sometimes ruthless characters.  His lead role in the film 'Capote' earned him a best actor Oscar.  That role brought him to Santa Barbara in 2006 where he was honored with the American Riviera Award for his influence on cinema. Durling said, "He was so humbled by the tribute. He got up on stage after we showed him the montage and saw the crowd there for him. He got very emotional."

Even though Hoffman was a well known actor, he was very private off screen. "He was shy. He didn't like the limelight. He was all about the craft and the performance," said Durling.

Those performances earned him three additional Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actor in the films 'The Master', 'Doubt', and 'Charlie Wilson's War'. Hoffman was also an accomplished stage actor earning three Tony nominations.

Hoffman is survived by his three children, and longtime girlfriend.

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