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Parent Sees Isla Vista Halloween First Hand

Visits daughter at UC Santa Barbara and witnesses thousands at annual event

Parent Witness to IV Halloween

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - A UC Santa Barbara parent from San Diego has come to Isla Vista to see the Halloween street party - that draws thousands - first hand.

Valerie Chao said the level of drinking and the number of arrests were more than she envisioned.

Her daughter was not in the massive crowds last night.  Chao said studying for a mid term test took the priority.

When asked about the the UCSB listing as a top party school in the nation, she said a t-shirt locally had the letters UCSB and the words, "You can study buzzed."

Chao also said she's heard some students are drinking or going to a party every night and she says that's excessive and dangerous.

While walking Del Playa Drive, Chao also say two students dangerously close to a bluff top fence and reported it to patrol deputies.

She also witnesses several arrests, and the intoxication level of those in handcufffs.

Chao spoke with Supervisor Doreen Farr, members of the Sheriff's Department, and university officials about her concerns.

This is also parents weekend at UCSB.  Chao plans to bring up the party issue with other parents she speaks with in hopes of creating a safer environment for the students who live in Isla Vista.

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