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Olympic water polo players teach in Santa Maria

Olympian players visit the Central Coast for some water polo

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - According to some water polo may not always be the most popular sport in the Summer Olympic Games. For 65 kids in Santa Maria for two days it was everything.

Three Olympians came to the Central Coast to teach kids techniques that they can use for years to come. 

Tony Azevedo has represented America on the water polo team in four Olympic games. Not to mention there are 13 Olympians in his family. Most recently he was the captain of the team at the 21012 London Olympics and he helped bring home silver medal in the Beijing games.

But how did he get here? A local Central Coast mom sent him a message on Facebook, asking him to bring his camp to Santa Maria.

He wasn't the only athlete coaching the kids. His teammates Andy Stevens and Maggie Steffens who earned a gold medal in London for the women's water polo team, joined him.

For two days kids from around the country have been learning from these athletes, who say they just want to share the passion of water polo with others.


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