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NRC Discusses Safety at Diablo Canyon

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - While some critics say the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant poses a dangerous threat to the public, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission disagrees. The NRC was back in San Luis Obispo to discuss how well the plant is operating.

"All nuclear power plants are threats to everybody who lives down wind and from them," said Jane Swanson, spokesperson for Mothers for Peace.

For years, Mothers for Peace spokesperson, Jane Swanson has voiced her concerns about the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. It was no different at Wednesday's NRC assessment meeting at the Embassy Suites.

"If the three closest faults of Diablo Canyon should do their maximum ground shaking, there are parts of the Diablo Canyon that are not qualified and couldn't withstand that amount of ground shaking," said Swanson.

NRC officials say from January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 the plant has been operating safely and smoothly.

"Diablo Canyon is in NRC's column one, which is for well performing plants, they have no significant safety issues," said Lara Uselding, NRC.

Lara Uselding ensures the public if the NRC felt anything was unsafe, operations would be shut down.

"We have two resident inspectors who live here in the area and work at the plant who keep an eye on things and have 24/7 access, they are our eyes and ears," said Uselding.

While the results came in green to go, Jane Swanson says she still won't stop fighting to be heard.

"Let them know we are watching, we read their documents we know what's going on and we are holding them accountable," said Swanson.

The plant provides electricity for more than three million people. NRC officials say the plant is always being evaluated to make sure the facility continues to operate safely.




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