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No major crop loss from freeze

Strawberry and avocado crops survive the big chill

Crop Damage

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - The Santa Barbara County Agricultural Commissioners office says the sub-freezing temperatures in December did not cause any major damage to local crops.  Some farmers are seeing the impacts, but their overall loss is expected to be minor.

Strawberry growers reported some damage to the flowers but the plants overall were hearty and are making a comeback with juicy fruit.

Avocado growers in the Carpinteria Valley where the cold air was in the 20 degrees on several nights said they have seen damaged fruit but the trees are showing a higher yield so the impact will be marginal.

Along Highway 150 where many avocado growers have large farms, some of the trees have brown trees where the freezing air settled and caused damage during December.

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