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New rideshare app

Find people to carpool with on your smartphone

New rideshare app

Santa Barbara, Calif. - Need a ride? There is an app for that.  It's called "Avego."  The app for your smartphone helps you find riders and drivers to share your commute with.

Once you register with your contact information, you enter a start and end point.  Then, you'll see a list of drivers and riders who are headed to and from the same area.

Once you chose a person to share a ride with, you are given a PIN via email or text message to ensure you are sharing a car with the right person.

Many Santa Barbara City College students are using the app to find alternatives to a bus.

Student Alexa Stevinson told NewsChannel 3 "it takes a really long time to be on the bus with a bunch of people who are all packed in like sardines, standing up holding bags and books.  It can get obnoxious."

App users have the ability to choose whether they want to share a ride with a man or woman or if they want other people to be in the car.

For more information, visit Avego's website at the link below.


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