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New Healthy Cal Poly Business is Sprouting in SLO

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif - A new Cal Poly business is sprouting. It's called VegThisWay, aimed at helping kids eat healthier.

"We combine vegetables, fruits and some fruit juices," said Sabrina Muttillo, of VegThisWay.

Sabrina Muttillo and her team of recent Cal Poly grads have created a snack that appeals to both children and adults. They are called "Rawr Bars," and just one has a half a serving of the daily recommended amount of veggies.

"A snack that is familiar with kids is like a fruit leather, so we decided that we could add vegetables into that," said Muttillo. "It was a form that they were familiar with and would eat."

Muttillo and her team do all the cooking, packaging, and labeling themselves.

"The calories on this is 50 calories so it's really healthy, really good for you, there's no added sugar, just what's naturally in the sweet potato and the apple sauce," said Muttillo.

Right now the group has two flavors, sweet potato and beet.

The group got together a few years ago after winning competitions and then getting into the SLO Hot House, a community space that helps get business off the ground.  "We get the space for pretty cheap rent, we get all the resources that the hot house provides," said Kate Mecozzi.

Recently the business expanded from farmers markets to store shelves, and the group hopes to one day go national. "We're trying to start our own company and make this work and be our own bosses," said Muttillo.

The bars are sold in four stores in San Luis Obispo. They will be in two more stores by the end of the week.

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