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Neighbors Unhappy With Transient Activity at Public Park

GROVER BEACH, Calif. - Some homeowners in Grover Beach are concerned about the homeless activity at a local park. Now, they're speaking out.

Homeowner Judy Tennant says Ramona Garden Park isn't usually empty.

"Usually there's people laying all over the place," she says.

The people she's referring to are mostly homeless. A local group that feeds people in need meets at the park every day, attracting a large number of transients. Neighbors have grown tired of the trash, smoking, and occassional fighting that goes on.

"It is no longer a park I would let my grandchildren play in," said Tennant. "Just because of the unknown."

The Grover Beach Police Department says officers have made 93 arrests for public intoxication in the past year related to homeless activity. Many of those arrests have been at the park.

The department is holding a public meeting tonight at 6 pm. It is a chance for homeowners to express their frustrations and let neighbors know what the police are doing to ease those frustrations.

"There needs to be an answer. because I know these people could be helped," said Tennant. "Something that's productive, that makes them feel better, that gives them something to do."

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